Cutting Room Floor

Welcome the lovers the dreamers and me to the section of the site I wouldn't shut up about in the commentaries. Yes this is where you'll see all of the strips that were either scrapped, or just reworked to fit the format. Enjoy.

D1- Reganomic

Yeah this one was a bit cluttered in the original version, it's still a bit cluttered in the final copy but I got rid of some extraneous dialogue.

D2- Splashwoman VS Hornetman

This one's exactly the same except for the last line, as mentioned in the main commentary. My friend Trudude(Who depsite being a close, real-life freind, is being name protected for personal reasons) didn't like it and I was already on the fence about it.  Oh and speaking of D2, check out the D2 brigade, there a group of internet reviewers who review anime.

D3- Holiday- Just Enough Kill

This is the first time I have ever scrapped an entire strip but it just didn't work. I do like airman airlines and I do intend on using it again, but this strip didn't work all that well for me and after seeing the moth suboss and getting that sprite, This strip was made unecesary.

D4- Another Winter-Oh My

 Yeah as you can tell the compression is really bad. That's why I reditied it, along with the tron ones. Speaking of which.

D5 and D6 Another Winter- TRON part 1 and part 2

As you can tell this is the orignal version of the tron strip, in both parts. I Love tron but honestly I didn't know enough about  tron so I took the best bits and threw em togheter to make one big strip. 

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