#1- Date Night: The First Strip

Welcome everyone. I'm Mogo, and this first strip is well pretty good. It was also made a few weeks ago at the time of this commentary, But I wanted a good supply up first.

#2 Date Night: Mars Needs Women

I like this one just for the sheer absurtity.

 #3 Date Night: Uninvited Guests

This ones a  bit of a text wall but it's not the worst you'll be seeing. heheheh. Wait.... Oh and the title comes from a Pre-Season 8 Buffy comic. Just a little triva that makes these rambling comentaires worth it.

#4: Date Night:Reganomic

Now for some intresting trivia: This is actually the second version of this strip after, with some consideration from my friend and sprite editor for when the need some cleaning up, Trudude, noted there was too much text. So I delted some unecesary side rambling. But if you want to see the orignal, i'll have a "Cutting Room Floor" Section up when the 1-25 section is finished. 

Update 12/14: I forgot to mention that the Narwhals song is actually froma  youtube video. It's pretty funny

#5 Date Night:The Blue Jackass

  I liked bass' line in the last one, based on the third and underated instalment in the Donkey Kong Country Series. I love that game.

#6 Date Night: Splashwoman VS Hornetman

Another one that was edited, but honeslty I was on the fence on the orignal punchline, it involved fishrape. I think the discretion here worked. And "This is my nighmare" Is refencing something I just forgot.

#7 Date Night: Galaxyman VS Strikeman

I like this one.  I also like Doctor Who, I just wanted an excuse to say that.

 #8 Date Night Concreteman VS Gutsman

Sorry about the distrubing imagrey. The combination of having seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 recently and  learning about all kinds of disturbing fanfiction things on TV Tropes. But not reading any. I'm not that desprete but i'll proabably read my immortal some day, god help us all.

#9 Date Night: Bass VS Megaman

The first strip that's streight comedy. "Sniff" I'm so proud.

#10 Date Night: Iceman VS Tornadoman

I forgot to comment on this earlier, but Tornadoman's attacks are actually japanese. i used the phonetic translations provided by Google Translate. His attack from the previous strip is "Warp Tornado" And this one is "Tornado Hold Triple".

 #12 Splosion Time

I'd like to take this moment to address my production values. For the record not only does trans-parenting not look good with these characters(But I can use different colors when necessary). It's just quicker to do these low rate production values, and they work with 8-bit sprites. This is only the second comic I've done with any sort of give and I enjoy this one far more. But I'll discuss all of my past projects at a later date, when I'm tired and need some filler. But rest assured this is the best comic I've put out and I'm extremely proud of it. It's still growing but I'm sticking with this one.

#13 Date Night: RumblecrackF

Fun Fact: The blorp sound effect comes from Daria. It's what her dad, Jake, said right before his heart attack. I love that show and if you every get the chance watch it.

 #14 Date Night: Wall Of Text

Wow alot of set up and expostion here. And as for Metalman and Tornado Man You'll find out later on, I don't want to ruin the flashback or the suprises that await you.

#15 Another Winter: Samus Is A  Girl

Trudude was suprised that Brightman/Brighwoman was a girl. I actually got this idea from a robot master roleplay I saw. But that was another time. Oh and one last note there was another strip right before this but I didn't like it that much  but you'll see it in the cutting room floor.

#16 Another Winter: A Very Doctor Light Christmas

Didn't realize this would end up ocmpressed but it's still a good one.  Oh and Concreteman and Gutsman are singing "The Night Santa Went Crazy" By Weird Al" It's hilarious, I'd look it up on youtube.

 #17 Another Winter- A Very Doctor Wily Christmas

The songs in this one: The Gemini Men are singing a song from Tim and Eric word for word and Starman's singing Love Me Sexy from Semi-Pro. A decent film if only for a few lines. Otherwise kinda bland.

#18 Another Winter- Eh

Yeah I'm doing a "Their first time storyline". But i'm trying to do it tastefully. Not like degrassi. Not that I don't like degrassi but it's only not So Bad it's good 25% of the time. Boycot the Caf can vouch for that. For those(Like me about a month and a half ago) who don't know it's  blog where 2 guys make fun of every episode, which they did over several episodes. I'd google it.

 #19: Oh My

I Had to redit this one. From now on my 8 panels are gonna be stacked but this one had to be chopped to reach that.  I also changed the name from, Oh My to Like a Friend, after the song by the band Pulp that played during the venture bros season 4 finale. I also did some rather lack luster tron strips in this format and i'm not retowering them, but they will show up in the cutting room floor when I'm less tired.

#20 : Sprong

Eddies hear because rush is too busty guarding Kalnkia. and this is the last of the intial run. Later days! I'll see you with the first completly new strips soon.

#21 Another Winter: TRON

I Am turbo exicted for Tron Legacy, which led me to make this. It was alot of work, suprisingly, to make both parts of the orignals. You can hear more about that in the cutting room floor section.  But I will talk about Tron here. I saw that movie for pretty much the first time a few weeks ago and loved it. The effects, despite being dated, were very advanced for their time and the plot is solid. It's a fun movie and I'd check it out if I were you.

 Heavy Metal- Come Home

Here's where things get interesting. Oh and I just saw tron legacy. BOOYA!

#23 Heavy Metal- Don't Get Cocky

#24- Heavy Metal-Strange Bedfellows

#25- Heavy Metal- Upgrade

First strip on a while I can put any commentary on. I've decided from now on to just comment when neccesarry or I have something to report for posterity like the tron thing. Here not only is this section finished but I've also used actual tiles to make the floor now, which gives it a better look. enjoy.

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